Scope and Importance of Environmental Studies

Scope of Environmental Studies:

Because of environmental studies has been seen to be multidisciplinary in nature so it is considered to be a subject with great scope. Environment age not limited to issues of sanitation and health but it is now concerned with pollution control, biodiversity conservation, waste management and conservation of natural resources. This requires expert eyes and hence are creating new job opportunities. The opportunities in this field are immense not only for scientists but also for engineers, biologists. There is a good chance of opportunity to find a job in this field as environmental journalists. Environmental science can be applied in the following spheres:

Ecosystem Structure and Function:

The study of ecosystems mainly consists of the study of the processes that link the leaving organism or in other words biotic component to the non-living organism or abiotic component. So for the study of environment we should aware with biotic and abiotic components.

Natural Resource Conservation:

For managing and maintenance of forests which are natural resources and for the maintenance of wildlife forms task under natural resource conservation. It is also a scope of environmental studies.

Environmental Pollution Control:

With the knowledge of environmental science everybody can control the pollution. He/she can handle the waste management and also look for ways to control pollution on the aspect of pollution control.

Environmental management:

There are several independent environmental consultants who are working with Central and State pollution control Board. They offer advice to solve the problems of environment the optimum solution for the upcoming problems. They give direction for controlling pollution due to industrial development. There are several current consultants who are working with government pollution control boobs, involved in policy making, pollution control, maintenance of ecological balance.

The scope of environmental studies in industry:

Environmental scientists work towards maintenance of ecological balance, they also work towards conservation of biodiversity and regulation of natural resources as well as on preservation of natural resources. Most of the industries have a separate environmental research and development section. These sections govern the impact that their industry has on the environment. Our environment is being degraded by the rapid industrialization. To combat this menace there is a growing trend towards manufacture of "green" goods and products. So we can say that there is a good scope in the field of industry from environmental studies.

Research and development:

Research and development has tremendous scope due to increment in public awareness regarding the environment. Various universities and governmental organizations offer a scope for such research. These universities conduct research studies in order to develop the methods toward monitoring and controlling the source of environmental pollution. Due to an increasing threat from global warming , many steps are being undertaken for the reduction of greenhouse gases and the adoption of renewable energy resources. They generate awareness now regarding the use of solar energy for variety of purposes. This provide scope of environmental history in the field of research and development.

Social Development:

NGO ( nongovernmental organizations )help in creating awareness regarding the protection of the environment and making the masses aware of various environmental issues . They also generate a public opinion in this field. They work towards disseminating information and in bringing about changes in political policies that are personally effect the environment. The social dimension of this profession includes controlling population explosion through organizing advisory awareness camps.

Importance of Environmental Studies:

-Environmental studies helps to maintain ecological balance by providing a basic knowledge of environmental systems and their processes. By giving information regarding the changes that take place due to anthropogenic factors environmentally study helps us.
It also helps to gain a skill in using techniques to analyze various environmental systems and the effect of human activities on that system.
- Environmental studies applies economical methods and concepts to issues of the environment, management, environmental policy analysis. Environmental study includes diverse area such as property rights, economic instruments for pollution control, cost benefit analysis management applications with environmental policy.
- Concepts from environmentally studied can be applied to the study of agriculture and the design of sustainable production systems.
- We need to a study of physical , biological, chemical and social processes that form the basic of the problem of environment. Environmentally studies provides skills necessary to raise the questions and too often obtain answers to some of the environmental problems from which our planet is facing today.
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